Google Keep : Grab Text from Images on Android Devices

Google Keep is an app made by Google. Google Keep is available on computers, android, ipads and iphones. Google keep is an app helps you create, edit, organize, and archive notes in sense that it create or edit a note, make a list save a drawing as a note label, color, or pin notes archive notes & lists set up reminders for your notes.

One great feature i discovered from Google Keep app is that it can extract and grab text from Images. This feature is available for iPhone, IPad and PC users which enables users to extract text from particular image and make use of it.

Many might think this is not possible but Google Keep has made it possible for android users via this great feature.

How To Grab Text from Images on Android Devices. 

Download and Install Google Keep from Playstore.

Launch Google Keep and click "Take a note" to start a note in your Google keep account.

Google Keep : Grab Text from Images on Android Devices

Write a little note (Not compulsory)

Now tap on the plus (+) icon to attach image you want to grab text from by clicking "Choose image"

How To Extract and Grab text from Images on Android devices using Google keep

Tap on the image you have selected to bring complete view of it

Click the menu option

How To Extract and Grab text from Images

Finally click "Grab Image Text"

The text from the image will be extracted. Now scroll down to copy your text to clipboard.

Isn't this easy and simple, kindly appreciate by sharing it wuth your friends.

I hope this helps


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